The Pyramid Scheme

  • When: 2nd Mar 9:00pm
  • Where: Bar Edward
  • Show map

The Pyramid Scheme summoned the forgotten energies of an ancient underworld—whipping up savage rhythms into fresh new vortices of cyclonic proportion!

The Scheme endures majestically against the heft of its own sound — just barely contained. Wave upon wave, swell upon swell, the fugues emerge, howling under the Pyramid’s spell; a steady and sustained colossus of sound erupting forth upon the dance floor.

Rapacious percussions, devilish horns and diving bass lines riddle the maelstrom while salvo guitars, voodoo chants and vocal harmonies sharpen its course.

Syzygies! Gasps! Explosions! Hypnotic possessions and unholy electrical powers… Bequeath your estates, because once you’re in the eye, there is no going back.