The Lyttelton poets

  • When: 2nd Mar 12:15pm
  • Where: Rintoul St Fringe Corner
  • Show map

Six New Zealand writers who among other things happen to all live in Port Lyttelton and to perform live poetry in the local bars there have come together under the title ‘Lyttelton Poets’ to appear at festivals around the country.

Group Members are Ben Brown, Sarah Amazinnia, Ciaran Fox, Rebecca Nash, Andy Coyle, and Helen Chrystall.

Andy Coyle says “Poetry has been a part of the Port’s character since James Edward Fitzgerald composed ‘The Night Watch Song of the Charlotte Jane’ as he sailed across the world in 1840 to pioneer a newspaper in a wooden shack on Norwich Quay simply called ‘The Lyttelton Times’, the tradition is still going strong today.

“Personally I am inspired by guys like Gary McCormick and Sam Hunt, who pioneered taking poetry on the highways and back-roads.” The collection of people in this group are excellent to perform with because every poet has a unique style, and when we come together, there is a spontaneous atmosphere of humour, spirit, passion, and a genuine love of words and stories. Throw in some appropriate music, eclectic venues, and an enthusiastic audience, and you’ve got a recipe for a one of a kind night out.

“Small towns and poems are both densely concentrated packages of personality, mystery, human experience and hard work.”