Soul Samba Circus

  • When: 2nd Mar 5:30pm
  • Where: Bebemos Carnival After Party
  • Show map

This high energy collective of musicians come from a range of musical backgrounds and styles (samba percussion, jazz, capoeira, classical, & the blues) all of which they have thrown into a melting pot to create one hot soul samba marsala. Their repertoire is a fusion of eclectic soul, funk, reggae, samba and much more.

On stage, they’re an unusual array of instruments (and people). From accordions, brass, harmonicas, vocals, congas and surdos – to tambourines, mandolins, guitars, keyboards, cello and the cowbell.

“Blasting off the stage and into the hearts of the crowd, Soul Samba Circus mixes a sweet vocal and horn section with driving samba rhythms bringing exactly the carnival vibe everyone was waiting for” Heidi, Jambalaya Festival Director.

“Samba Circus bought an energetic, truly unique act to our stage. The eclectic mix of musicians and your fusion of music styles had the audience engaged and on their feet.” Helena Dunn, Auckland International Cultural Festival.