Shaw Shot

  • When: 2nd Mar 10:45am
  • Where: Newtown Sound Stage
  • Show map

Shaw Shot’s reggae obsession has its roots in the early 80s while living in Brixton, UK. There she soaked it up, enjoying live reggae gigs and festivals, the Frontline bars, being part of the Brixton community, and playing vinyl borrowed from the public library on her old gramophone back at her squat.

An active supporter at Welly reggae gigs, firstly Roots Foundation in the 90s, then Nice Up gigs and others run by our reggae obsessed DJ community, and of course Radio Active’s Roots and Culture Show.

Shaw Shot’s 45 years of researching music is evident in her eclectic collection of non-mainstream music from around the world. Her current obsession is collecting a broad range of danceable music for an upcoming house party.

As an apprentice DJ, Shaw Shot aims to show people the enormous variety of music Jamaica has bought to the world. And – what better way to share a vinyl collection?