Paddy Burgin and the Wooden Box Band

  • When: 2nd Mar 3:00pm
  • Where: Emmett St Curbside Cabaret
  • Show map

Paddy Burgin crafts his songs as carefully and beautifully as he does his wooden and stringed instruments. A luthier by day and a musician by night, this longtime Wellingtonian has contributed greatly to the folk and country scene in New Zealand. Whether people are listening to his albums, self described as “unofficial kiwi folk”, or strumming his guitars, Paddy has made an impact.

Together with his band; bassist Murray Costello, singer Jessie Moss, percussionis Bruce McNaught, and guitarist Matt Neuman, he has made several albums of original songs and instrumentals, often featuring the weissenborn slide guitar.

Paddy takes his listeners on an lyrically uplifting tour of the this country’s vast and sweeping landscapes, stretching from colonial legends such as the 19th century Scottish-born sheep rustler James McKenzie to urban curiosities such as Blanket Man and the poet, James K Baxter.

The band has recently released “Old World” recorded at Wellington’s new Surgery Studio.