Niko Ne Zna

  • When: 2nd Mar 3:15pm
  • Where: Community Stage
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Niko Ne Zna are New Zealand’s very own Balkan Gypsy brass extravaganza. With a history that goes back 7 years, this 8 piece band has evolved into a true Gypsy juggernaut stunning audiences everywhere they go with their thrillingly energetic and dynamic performances.

There’s even some more authentic Eastern-European blood in the band with percussionist Vlatko Materic joining bandleader Frankie Curac. After years of being instrumental, the addition of vocals when Nikkie Rich joined the band a couple of years ago took it to a whole new level and she sings in Serbo-Croatian, Roma Gypsy, Macedonian and Greek. The album consists of seven originals and three traditional songs that will take you across the Balkans with a kiwi flavor.

With the current lineup who all reside in Wellington NZ comprises of 2 trumpets, saxophone, vocals, accordion, bass and tenor trombones, sousaphone, percussion, Balkan bass drum and snare drum, Niko Ne Zna are a truly authentic ensemble. They can roam while playing, and enchant the audience into dancing, singing, clapping and stomping all night long.

The band consists of some of New Zealand’s finest instrumentalists who come from a wide array of musical backgrounds that unite together to produce a cocktail that will make your ears rise to attention and your feet move in a frenzy. Their music is high energy with dark undertones and sexy gypsy style. Niko Ne Zna are a world class act with exotic tunes, fantastic grooves and exciting solos.

They have done some very exciting performances this past year including 13 shows in September-October playing to up to 5000 people each evening opening for the World of Wearable Arts at the TSB Arena Wellington. Also Nelson Arts Festival and have just returned from playing at Splore Festival in 2014.

They also have three songs featuring on Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement’s upcoming vampire mockumentry ‘What We Do in The Shadows’ which will be released this year.