Kristelle Plimmer

  • When: 1st Mar 12:00pm
  • Where: Baobab Cafe
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A new venture for this year’s festival is our Poet-in-Residence.

For the duration of the Newtown Festival, Kristelle Plimmer will be sitting at various cafes around Newton

and writing poems on request. We will post times and places on our page and the website so keep checking.

Poems can be about any subject you like or for any reason at all. You will be asked to pose for a photo with your poem and these may appear on FB or the website.


Kristelle Plimmer Newtown Festival Poet-in-Residence 2014

I’ve been writing poems since I was quite small

They can be deep and meaningful, words dripping and all…….

But they tend to be silly, they tend to be fun

They tend to be rhyming but not everyone, all the time…………..

I like writing poems, I’ll write them for free

So if you want a poem then look out for me

I’ll be sitting outside of Bordeaux Express

You tell me three things and then…….want to guess?

I’ll write you a poem and all you must do

Is pose for a teeny wee photo or two……

We’ll share them on Facebook, post them on the ‘net

To further prove Newtown is better, you bet!

The suburb with chutzpah, with singing and dancing

A suburb so vibrant……..oh we are entrancing……….

The suburb with festival cheer and whoo hoo!

That’s my poem for us! Now who’s next? Is it you?

Kristelle will be at Baobab between 12pm and 2pm on Saturday,

February 27 – March 1. On Fair Day, Sunday March 2, she will be everywhere, but mostly around the

DEBRA stall. Look out for her with her poodle, Josephine Lala.