• When: 2nd Mar 2:45pm
  • Where: Newtown Sound Stage
  • Show map

Joshwa is the owner and operator of Auckland based reggae sound system, Lion Rockers Hi Fi.

A long relationship with vinyl lead Joshwa into the depths of international sound system culture. Struck by the sound, the bass and the vibe, he is now on a mission to forward the best in sound system culture to the people of Aotearoa.

Playing strictly vinyl and acetate dubplate selections, 70’s steppas, revival, dub, uk steppas and the latest in worldwide productions. Joshwas’ taste for the rare, unique and exclusive means you’re likely not to hear these tunes anywhere else.

Joshwa is all about the unity of like-minded artists, soundsystems and selectors and has worked with some of the worlds finest, including Channel One Soundsystem, Mungos Hi-Fi and Alpha Steppa (UK), Kindred Sounds, Ras Stone, Art Offishal and Naram (NZ)