Bakers Eddy

  • When: 2nd Mar 11:00am
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
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Bakers Eddy formed in 2009 as a 3 piece chucking around 3/4 chord pop punk songs and after a 2 years and about 30 songs, twin brother Alex Spagnolo was added to the line up. It made sense as he really didn’t have anything better to do!

So a new sound was needed for the boys of South Karori, as they embarked on there journey to the top. Dropping the Green Day inspired disney rock, and after 7 or so name changes, the eddys have settled (temporarily) on a driving rock sound with a sweet balance of complex rock riff raff, and simple poppy hooks, gritty punk chord progressions, and pretty melody’s.

Each member contributes in their own way, with complex yet bold drum tracks, solid and swift bass licks, soaring guitar rhythm, and the catchiest lead melody’s you will ever hear!

The vocals are really the icing on the already sticky, moist cake, with super catchy hooks and relevant yet humorus lyrics.